We were carved from a comet
A falling star of ice and dust
Blazing through the sky
We were sculpted from the mud
The earth shaping our flesh
Grounding our spirit to this place
We were the cascading water
Tributaries for veins flowing
Our blood born on the current
We were raging wind and fire
Consuming everything in our path
The storm inside us spilling out
We were the hands that destroyed
And we are the hands to mend
Piecing our broken parts together
I don’t know what force breathed air
Into our lungs or animated our bones
If we were created or we’re part of
An unbroken chain of life and death
But I see the pain and the desire
To heal old wounds bleeding
Across centuries of human existence
Through millennia of nature reigning
Only to bow and break at our feet
All of us have the capacity for both
Good and evil, sympathy and apathy
If there is anything I pray for now
I pray for empathy to strike me
As a lightning bolt splits open
The remains of a decaying tree
As a person stumbles on a door
Unlocking it with the turn of a key
Even in the midst of chaos abounding
I try to derive my own meaning
A message through the heartache
Calling out to me through my blood
My breaking bones a divining rod
Leading me to a deeper well of truth
Helping me understand the pain
Of the others who surround me
Our paths crossing like threads
Weaving in and out, over and under
At moments like this I can start
To make out the patterns forming
Shaping the course of our history
Mapping the future with every step
I’m mixing my metaphors again
But I hope you can understand
I’m translating a dead language
Rattling somewhere in my brain
Putting words to faded memories
Music to emotions accompanying
The percussive beat thrumming
Somewhere between my chest
And my half-parted, dry lips
As I finally teach myself to speak
Whether I be a stuttering prophet
Or a blind beggar mumbling
Up and down the crowded street
Only the listener can decide
To turn me out or invite me inside

— B.


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