Strip me bare
Reveal the parts
I hide from myself
Undress my mind
Before we ever think
About going to bed
Our thoughts may
Undulate with the flow
Of our conversation
Free and unabashed
Is how I want to feel
When talking with you
I want to explore
All the intricacies
Of our past selves
And revel in the now
Before ever looking
To the future with you
It takes so much time
To really get to know
Another person well
So let’s not rush this
With a premature kiss
Even if we want to
Even if our bodies
Are screaming for it
Quiet my mind and
Be still with me
Enjoy the silence
As we come to be
We try too often
To speed things up
To move the hand
On the clock forward
Be still with me
And just breathe
Taste the minutes
As they elapse
Like raindrops
Dripping through
Our open hands
Be in this moment
And take care
To be mindful
Honest and true
This is all I ask
And all that I can
Give to you

— B.


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