This poem is about my recent trip to Le Drague Cabaret Club in Quebec City and the importance of safe spaces for members of the LGBT community.

Le Drague: A Gay Cabaret

In a Quebec City nightclub, Le Drague,
Where queens are king and straight
Is simply a word to describe a line
That we crossed a long time ago
I drank my heart down and danced
In a drunken mass of bodies
Teeming with joy and life
I had finally made it home
To the place of my ancestors
The language of my heart
On tongues laced with honey
Begging to be tasted
I wanted to kiss them
These beautiful strangers
Who made me feel known
If only for a single night
Who erased my forlorn
State of mind to reveal
A technicolor heart
Waiting to be opened
Passion unwinding
Like a cat on a couch
Or the smoke unfurling
From a hand-rolled joint
Let’s be blunt for once
I would have taken
Every woman and queen
To my bed that night
On fire as I was then
Free from my chains
On holiday and able
To reinvent myself
Into who I truly am
Yet I contented myself
By dancing among them
Feeling a part of something
Instead of the outsider
Looking in on the world
The sense of community
Shocking and comforting
For a loner like me
Who has only ever danced
Alone in my room
The music drowning
All the doubt in my head
I danced with them
Shining from the inside out

— B.


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