You were my True North

Against a setting sun

The light in the window

Calling me home

You were the voice

Whispering in my ear

When the roaring din

Beckoned me to fall

You called my name

And I came to you

Lost and broken

Trying to mend myself

Along the way

Trying to present

My fractured frame

As a work of art

Tested by time

Cracks in the glaze

No more than

Minor imperfections

In your loving eyes

It enhances your beauty

You told me

Each mistake made

The damages endured

Signs of a life

That has been lived

As I approach you

I can see that you have

Scars of your own


We fit together

A matching set

Of broken timepieces

Set on the mantle

Talking to one another

Our conversation


The ticking of clocks

Counting out

The days spent


Even when we

Lose track of the time

— B.


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