I must confess
I checked out early
Leaving a note
On the nightstand
Instructing you
“Don’t look for me”
That you might
Get lost too
I wandered aimlessly
The floodwater
In my mind
My feet like lead
The pavement
A heavy note fell
In my heart
When I first saw you
You were too good
Too kind
To be believed
And so I left
You could never
Love me
I left before I could
Drag you down
Into the water
With me
See I am an anchor
Caught in the rocks
When you must
Be gone
The storm approaches
As I hold on
And so I had to
Push you away
I had to save you
From all that is
Weighing on my heart
I am not your burden
To bear
The tide rises
Lifting you out
Sending you back
To the sea
As the lichen grows
On the rocks
And hermit crabs
Make a home
In the tidal pools

— B.


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