Sailing through the air
Crossing the gorge
The river unwinding
A serpent of warning
Hissing and spitting
Into the canyon winds
I rise with the current
Brushing the clouds
Outstretched fingers
Painting the sky
In pale baby blues
Fading to violet
Orange blossoms
Of sun-streaked
Stratus sinking
As night approaches
Daylight bends to kiss
The distant horizon
Before laying down
Breathing in the smell
Of the damp earth
Rich and heady
Flooding the senses
As the sun drifts
Into an easy sleep
Content in the glow
Reflected by the moon
That watches over us
Guarding our bodies
As our souls wander
Into the land of dreams
Exploring the expanse
Tasting the strange fruits
That grow in abundance
Just behind our eyes
They return as we wake
To the physical world
The memories lingering
Somewhere in our blood
Even when our minds
Can no longer recall
What made us smile
As we lay sleeping

— B.


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