I held you in my teeth

The words I meant to say

When the world was shattered

And I couldn’t see past

The thousand fragments

Singing through the air

Raining down on me

I tended to you

Like a bird protecting her nest

Waiting for the dust to settle

So you wouldn’t get lost

In the chaos descending

Calling us to break down

And join the teeming masses

Even as you burned

Longing to be free

Your fire licking the back

Of my incisors

Parting my lips

Tempting me to speak

I held onto you

For who could hear you

The words emblazoned

On my tender heart

When the people’s ears

Were filled with

A noisome rage

Demanding blood sacrifice

I held you in my teeth

Waiting for the right moment

When the hearts of warriors

Were torn open

Allowing safe passage

For pleas of mercy

To journey through

— B.


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