When we are closest to the sun and turn our face away

My darling
All these June bugs buzzing
Filling the air with sound
Will sleep come winter
Cicadas and crickets
Conducting their symphony
Know it’s time to rest
When autumn’s chill is upon them

Come winter
As the earth nears perihelion
When the snow is falling
And casts blue shadows
In the starlight
I want to find myself
Seated by a roaring fire
Wrapped in your embrace

Everything changes
Everything evolves
Though the earth
Makes the same journey
Each year in orbit
Around the blazing sun
A massive circle
Encompassing everything

Come winter
Even if you cannot love me
Just hold me a while longer
Tend the fire for another night
I’ll be gone come morning
Just as the sun starts to melt
The ice crystals
Grafted on the window pane

We are closer to the sun
Than ever before
So please tell me
As I gather my clothes
And pen a note goodbye
For you to find
On the table when you wake
Why do I still feel so cold?

— B.


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