Let’s drop the gender act

Forget our predetermined roles

And split the check

I want a partner for life

Not a boyfriend or a girlfriend

I want an equal exchange

And the freedom

To play with our roles as we may

If I kiss you first, so be it

You can lead when we dance

We can swap out, tag in

Depending on how we feel that day

I want fluidity and a system

That supports change

The only constancy I want

Is your love

If you want to grow out your hair

Or chop it all off

Throw on a dress and some heels

Or wear a pair of cargo shorts

Until they’re worn through

I won’t stop you

I’ll take you as you are

Even when the tears

Make your mascara

Run down your cheeks

And into your beard

I’ll kiss you to let you know

You are loved


— B.


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