Today’s post is more of a self-penned mantra than a poem. I’ve been going through a lot of changes recently and I’ve found peace and solace during this transition through my writing and by engaging with my fellow bloggers. I reached a milestone this week (50 followers and counting) and I am so thankful to all of you for continuing to read my work and for sharing your work as well. You inspire me to keep moving forward.

“Creating My Purpose”

The future is a mystery

As I walk through the dark

I try to tell myself

That I am not running

From my broken past

My tenuous present state

I am simply embracing

The beauty of the unknown

The possibilities waiting

Just around the corner

I am not withdrawing

I am looking inward

To do some much needed

Reflection and repairs

I need to mend my heart

Tend to my soul’s desire

To make something

To create something

To derive my own meaning

Out of all this chaos

I need to write

I need to create

I need a reason

To get out of bed

Beyond the monotony

Of paying rent and bills

Working a dead-end job

Wasting my precious time

Nursing an empty bottle

Instead of holding a pen

I’ve spent too long

Hoping to find my purpose

Hoping that it would find me

I need to create a purpose

For myself

I need to fight

For myself

I need to move forward

— B.


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