Trigger Warning: This poem is about mental abuse. To those who are experiencing this or who have experienced it, please know that you are not alone and that there is help out there. My thoughts are with you all tonight. Please take care of each other and yourselves. We need you and you are stronger than you know. Wishing you all safety and love.


I would prefer a sea of loneliness

To the drought of neglect

The fires of abuse

That spread in your wake

I would take the bitter truth

To the sugar-sweet lies

The cloying words

That stick like honey

Stopping the gears from turning

Making me abandon my senses

Working against my better judgement

That sinking feeling in my gut

Telling me to run from you

Before you can reel me back in

Convince me that I’m crazy

Distort my sense of reality

Make me second-guess myself

When every fiber of my being is

Telling me to run from you

Run as fast as my legs will carry me

— B.


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