A cacophony of sound

Persistently beats through

The walls of my heart

I sing to drown it out

Afraid you will hear it

And run from me

Love is an untrustworthy

Gossiping companion

Spilling all my secrets

Though love swears

To shield and protect me

Love turns me into a fool

Straight from the plays

Of the Bard himself

I catch myself picking

Wildflowers and herbs

Giving each a name

Chasing symbols

To the ends of the Earth

Falling into the water

Like my sister Ophelia

Perhaps the prince

Was right in his madness

When he said

“Get thee to a nunnery”

At least in the cloisters

Only one invisible man

Can hold dominion

Over my fraying mind

If I choose to give it up

Since I lost my faith

Along with my innocence

Perhaps I could hide

In a habit and a smile

Finding freedom

In empty vows

— B.


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