Your name is written on my heart

And with so many names crossed out

I can’t bear to lose you too

My dear friend

Love is a bullet ricocheting

And I’m a child with a gun

Please put the safety on

My dear friend

I’m sitting at the steering wheel

And I don’t know how to drive

Help me navigate this mess

My dear friend

I did not know what to expect

And I wake to see a different face

Staring back at me in the mirror

My dear friend

You show me kindness and warmth

And though I don’t think I deserve it

I am so grateful to you

My dear friend

We both deserve better than we get

And I’m trying to be better

For myself and for you

My dear friend

I am learning through trials by fire

And finding how little I know

But desperately want to discover

My dear friend

The road ahead is dark

And you shine so brightly

I stumble as my eyes adjust

My dear friend

Nothing in this life can be forced

And I don’t want to impose or ask

For more than you’re willing to give

My dear friend

I’m trying to take things as they come

And enjoy the small acts of comfort

Like your hands wrapped around mine

My dear friend


— B.





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