When will I ascend?

When will I achieve

A higher understanding

Breaking these chains

That bind my mind

As a nameless figure

Tugs at them persistently

Pulling me along

In any direction

That so pleases him or her?

Love is a pitiable venture;

I do not wish to be pitied.

I wish to stand at the helm

Of my own destiny

To journey to strange

And distant lands

Far from the reach

Of my current perspective

To taste sweet wines

Ripened and fortified

Under a blazing sun

To feel the heat of it

Dancing on my tongue.

Instead I carry on

Pining for that figure

Who enslaves my mind

Wondering who they are

Where I might meet them

Whether they are

Friend or foe

Whether they will lift me up

Or be the death of me.

I need an axe or blade

To break these chains

More than I need love

The pursuit of which

Has all but drained me.

I want to taste

The sweet foreign wines

So that I may forget

My terrible thirst.

I need wings

So that I may rise

— B.


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