Cloaked like a beggarwoman

Fighting against the lashing rain

She slid on the cobblestones

Desperate to reach her destination

Forgetting she had nowhere to go

No roaring fire waiting for her

No warm embrace to shield the cold

No loving smile to welcome her home

She survived on passing fancies

Tragic affairs that shined brightly

Before burning themselves out

She fed on displaced affection

Filling empty rooms and beds

That past lovers had frequented

Their ghosts superimposed onto her

Her real face never truly seen

She took shallow drinks of rainwater

Which whipped her about the face

Life-sustaining in small doses

Enough to drown come the flood

— B.


2 thoughts on “Displaced

  1. I loved your poem! It gives off that artsy, open mic vibe that I love getting out of great writing. Especially poetry! Feel free to subscribe to my blog, Life Improvv. I think you will like the content that myself and my co-authors write. 🙂


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