Plagiarizing love
Where did you steal
These words from?
You set them like traps
Ready to ensnare me
In your embrace
Our lips lock
Like the door to a cage
You say my name
Like a spell
You cast to drive me away
I rage against
The storm you bring
Yet sink back
Into the mud
Your raindrops create
In the sands of time
That elapse
In the time I waste
Trying to understand
How you bring the earthquake
That shakes my very core
And drops my spirit
To the ground
My body rises
In the wind gusts
The careless words
That burst from
Your chest
Breaking me in pieces
That fall through the sky
I return to the stars
That gave me birth
Desperately hoping
That the black
Cold expanse of space
Will compress my pain
Shape my dust
Into diamonds
That will shimmer
Just out of reach
From your lustful eyes

— B.


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