What does the future hold?
What can we predict
From what came before?
A broken home
Leads to a broken life
Does it not?
Father issues?
Well that most certainly
Doesn’t bode well
For the love life
The fortune teller
Tips the cup
Peering into
The shallow depths
Deciding my life
Before it’s begun
I want to smash
The china cup
Watch the contents
Evaporate in the
Summer heat
See the tea leaves
Shrivel and blow away
With the coming storm
I want the rain
To wash away
What came before
And smile at the sky
As the water
Pours down my face
Making it all clean
Making me forget
More the fool am I
To think I can
Erase the past
Though no more a fool
Than the old woman
Who reads my future
In the tea leaves

— B.


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