My entire night has been spent cleaning and preparing for my move out inspection, and I still have one more night left to go. You can only buff and shine an oven for so long before you start to go a little loopy. I’m past the point of exhaustion, but luckily I have another poem I’ve been working on that I can share with you tonight. I promise to write more once I’m settled in to my new home. In the meantime, thanks for being patient and sticking with me. WordPress is turning out to be a very supportive writing community for me, and for that I am thankful. Here’s to a future of possibilities. 


My lips brush your skin

and I trace an invisible line

down your chest.

Testing the waters,

I watch the ripple effect

as you shiver beneath me.

Kiss me, and I am left

reeling in the excess

of possibilities.

Despite all the words

left unsaid by you,

I am shaking still.

— B.


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